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BlockChain Enabled Storage Integration API Through BaaSid Core Engine

Integrating Your Applications
with BaaSid BlockChain Technology

Seamless integration on enhancing your Applications security to prevent data breaches. Building a powerful storage capability with the use of BlockChain in assuring you that data is secured. Providing assurance and confidence to you, your team and your clients. So your people can get a peace of mind to get more work done effectively.


API Integration

Soteria supports difference development environment which provides you flexibility and scalability whichever provider you are with. Via simplified integration with API link up. Adding multiple layers of defense without compromising the flow of work.

Soteria Integration

The simple flow of added layered of BlockChain security added to your Application processes

Integrated Soteria API
Soteria integrated into backend system with BaaSid Core Engine

Index HASH
Creation of Fragmentation Index Hash with high-speed computing


Front End
User to save data on front end applications

Encryption + Split
Encryption of file and fragmentation plus splitting of data to take place

Decentralised Storage
Distribution of file splits and indexes into different nodes with backup

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